Under common law every landowner has the right to remove trespassers from their land using reasonable force if required. This right can be delegated to the landowner’s agent. GRC Bailiffs offer a service removing unauthorised occupiers/travellers from land owned by their clients, without the expense and delay of having to go through the court system.


GRC has been carrying out Common Law Evictions for nearly 30 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. GRC staff are trained to the highest standard to ensure our clients’ needs are met to a professional standard.
With a mixture of Military, Police & Civilian background GRC are equipped well for all tasks big or small.
Our approach on Common Law Eviction set the standard for the industry today. GRC has stood the test of time. With many thousand successful evictions under the belt, GRC gives confidence to our clients.

Traveller Evictions


–          Fast
–          Effective
–          Often cheaper than court proceedings
–          Minimise any fly tipping
–          Minimise any opportunity for theft
–          Reduces the chance of further incursions


–          Full professional indemnity insurance
–          Full personal liability insurance
–          Clear pricing structure – no Hidden surprises
–          Safe contractor approved

Traveller Evictions

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